Canada Unemployment by Province June 2011

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Mid-Month Notes - July 2011


 CANADA UNEMPLOYMENT BY PROVINCE JUNE 2011                                                                       % change from May NFLD./LAB                    12.3 %                     +  0.4    PEI                                   12.0                           + 0.1 NS                                      8.7                            - 0.3 NB                                     9.6                            + 0.1 QUE                                  7.9                            + 0.6 ONT                                  7.7                             - 0.2               MAN                                 5.5                            + 0.2 SASK                                4.9                              - 0.1 ALTA                                5.6                             + 0.2 BC                                     7.3                              - 0.3 CANADA                          7.4                                0.0 Facts to think about and pray over: 1.  Unemployment is much higher in the Maritimes and Nfld/Lab 2.  Wages grew in the last year by only 2.0 % 3.  Inflation is an 8 year high of 3.7 %, therefore real wages dropping 4.  GDP only growing at weak 2.0 - 2.50 % 5.  Creation of part time jobs is starting to outpace full time jobs 6.  For every $100 of after tax annual income we owe $147 in debt! 7.  US unemployment is 9.2 %

New Partnership between Intercessor and Songwriter on Heavenly Worship

Book:        Worship, Warfare & Intercession Before the Throne of God By Robert Misst, Xulon Press, June 2011

CD:     Sounds of Heaven by Jill Shannon, - May 2011

I have met with Bob Misst and Jill Shannon on separate occasions this year and believe that this partnership brings something very fresh into the world of worship and intercession where Jill's CD, 'Sounds of Heaven' is based on Bob's book. In 2010, in a vision, Bob was caught up into heaven, and the Lord showed Bob the worship, warfare and intercession before the Throne of God. Bob teaches us that what he saw is similar to that in the book of Revelation but he helps us to understand how we can pattern our congregational worship according to the worship in Heaven.

In August of 2010, Jill had previously composed a remarkable CD, 'Song of the Lamb' where the opening track of that same name is nearly 17 minutes long and captures the essence of heavenly worship. When Bob heard this on 'You Tube' he knew that Jill could be the 'practical partner' to his book. He needed the readers to be able to hear these sounds not just read about them. Jill writes:

" 'Sounds of Heaven' contains six long 'soaking' songs, which have many    musical, lyrical and biblical ingredients blended and quilted together, to create a new sound. They draw us quickly and deeply into an intense worship experience, as we hear the songs of the Cherubim, the Elders, the Tribes of Earth, and the millions of Angels. I could not be 'millions of angels' of course, but I tried to give the sense of many voices singing and crying out multiple blessings in the same space and time. 'Sounds of Heaven' is full of spoken and sung Scriptures, intercessions, intimate cries and spoken whispers of love from the Bride, songs from key passages in Revelation, multiple choruses, many voices singing intersecting lines, singing in the Spirit, and even some sound effects." My opinion is that Bob's book is not for the fainthearted! It is an urgent call to the church in every nation to prepare for, and hasten, the return of Jesus Christ as King of the Nations. The book is not designed to bless and make you feel good, but to challenge and change the reader! It could make most pastors nervous as Bob rightly observes that to follow the teaching would result in a 'new overhaul' of how we do church.  In 2010 Bob experienced in a vision the worship of Heaven around the Throne of God. He heard and saw remarkable things in the Spirit that lined up with the book of Revelation.  He saw that in heaven there were seven key aspects to worship as illustrated in the book of Revelation. Bob's burden is to discover Heaven's agenda and help the churches to make it their agenda. To quote:

"When the church patterns her worship, warfare and intercession after heaven, she joins heaven in the worship that initiates the restoration and renewal of the earth."

This is serious stuff and demands a serious response from the church in the context of God currently shaking the Heavens and the Earth, and bringing chaos to the Nations prior to the soon return of Jesus Christ. There is rich teaching on worship and intercession that could change the destiny of cities and nations. I found the book fresh in insights, experiences and compelling in its urgency. Bob stretched me with his long term vision by advocating that the church should disciple people now for ruling the nations with Christ in the age to come! With this comprehensive teaching the Lord is taking us to another level. Bob has heard a new sound and together with Jill and her 'Sounds of Heaven' CD, we are inspired to hear it too!

MEXICO UPDATEPRAISE: On June 11th the Marcha De Gloria (March For Jesus) went national for the first time as tens of thousands marched and prayed in 22 of the 31 State Capitals. I was privileged to be in Puebla for the March, where 50 churches and 8000 people paraded with music, shofars and dancers to the main square, the Zocalo, in front of Mexico's second largest Cathedral.  It is reported that in Merida, Yucatan,  scores of people came to Christ through the witness of the March and a preceeding Conference.  A blind lady was healed and a man was able to leave his wheelchair behind!PRAY: Pray for Jose Guadeloupe kidnapped recently. The gang is asking for an impossible ransom of 50 million pesos about $4m. Jose is the brother of a prominent pastor in Guadalajara.PRAISE: HUGE ARREST!  Mexican federal police caught one of Mexico's most-wanted drug lords, the alleged leader of the La Familia cartel, authorities said Tuesday. Federal security spokesman Alejandro Poire said police arrested Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, alias El Chango, or "The Monkey," in the central state of Aguascalientes without firing a shot. "With this arrest, what remained of the structure of this criminal organization has been destroyed," Poire stated. According to the reward statement issued by the Attorney General's Office, Mendez was "responsible for the transfer and sale of cocaine, marijuana, crystal methamphetamine in various states of Mexico and the United States of America. He is the alleged mastermind of kidnappings and killings, mainly of members of other criminal organizations.  (Update from BridgeBuilders International)

PRAY: MONTERREY, Mexico - At least 20 people were killed and five injured when gunmen opened fire in a bar late Friday, July 8th. The prosperous region, home to many foreign companies, was until recently considered a safe haven as drug violence increased in parts of Mexico. But a bloody turf war between the Gulf cartel and its former hitmen the Zetas has spilled into the state in less than two years, producing daylight shootouts, grenade attacks and a climate of fear.

Previous killings, last month, bore the signs of drug gang vendettas, including the discovery of the mutilated corpses of two bodyguards of State Governor Rodrigo Medina, along with a message allegedly from the Gulf gang. Parts of Mexico, particularly near the US border, have seen a rise in suspected drug violence, with more than 37,000 deaths blamed on drug gangs since the launch of a military crackdown on organized crime at the end of 2006. (Yahoo News).

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