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Mid-Month Notes - April 2011



This is Mexico's time - pray for Mexico in this season of grace. On Easter Saturday, April 23rd, Christians from all over Mexico will come to Mexico City for the 15th consecutive 'Marcha Da Gloria' - a glorious public celebration for King Jesus. This year the organizers are expecting over half a million people to march through the heart of the city to the large central square, the Zocalo.

An urgent prayer request is for the meeting at the Zocalo, as a workers union has recently set up an illegal tent city to protest the government. Most years there is a confrontation with some authority about ending the Marcha De Gloria in this important site, it is a spiritual battle it is not with flesh and blood! In the three days preceding the March there will be about 4000 leaders attending a conference with the theme - 'Come and See', with teaching and training for other city organisers to hold a Marcha De Gloria in the 31 State Capitals on Pentecost Saturday, June 11th. The strategy is to unite the church in Mexico to have 31 simultaneous Marches, with possibly 5 million participants, in an act of worship, prayer and witness to declare Jesus Christ as Lord of Mexico.

This is part of a new grass roots unity that has sprung up in the last year as Evangelical leaders have become desperate for their nation. Last November, 500 pastors from all over Mexico gathered to establish a new national prayer network. They agreed to 40 days of prayer and fasting from January 1st and it is estimated that 10,000 churches took part. Another 50 days of prayer and fasting is called for in the period between Easter and Pentecost.

In the Fall there will be an emphasis on evangelism and leading people to Christ. The vision is for a mighty harvest for Jesus in Mexico and for the nation to be transformed into a time of peace and prosperity. The lead organizer of the March, Dr. Carlos Quiroa, has the heart of an evangelist and is dedicated to seeing 51% of Mexico turn to Christ in the next few years.

The drug gangs have tried to extort some churches with threats of violence. I heard a pastor say that he would rather die than give money to the Narcos. Earlier in the year it was reported that three teenagers, all pastor's children had been kidnapped. The good news is that two of them were released quickly and the third managed to escape to a place of safety where the police rescued him.

The above photo is of the Marcha De Gloria last year with about 450,000 people. I am planning to attend again this month and hope to have another good report of what the Lord is doing. Our prayers are most appreciated by the leaders in Mexico.

Please pray for the Marcha De Gloria:

Protection: Spiritual and physical protection over the organizers of the March, especially for Dr. Carlos Quiroa and the team and their families.

Zocalo: For the March to culminate in the very centre of Mexico City and not to be marginalized to another venue by illegal activity.

Resources: The March is expensive in money and resources. Pray that all expenses will be covered with surplus for the developing national strategy.

Revival: Pray that this developing unity in prayer and evangelism will become a mighty move of God all over the nation. May the Body of Christ rise up in the 31 State capitals on June 11th.

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