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Canada's Twelve Most Wanted Answers to Prayer - November 2010 Pt.1



For evil men will be cut off, But those who hope in the LORD will inherit the land. Psalm 37:9

Over 400 years of organized crime; from pirates off the Atlantic coast; outlaws, smugglers, bank robbers and horse thieves in the wild west; opium traffickers and white slave traders of the early 20th century; bootleggers during the era of prohibition; to the Italian mafia, outlaw motorcycle gangs, Chinese triads, and Colombian cocaine 'cowboys'. (From 'ICED' by Stephen Schneider)

For hundreds of years Canada has been no stranger to organized crime of all sorts. But does it matter, does it affect the ordinary Canadian in a significant way? We are much better than most countries aren’t we? Here are the facts:

BOTTOM LINE! Organized crime casts a defilement over a community or a nation and unchecked enables the oppression to grow stronger. Demonic spirits can begin to rule through rebellious people and the lives of many are ruined or destroyed. For instance, the current extent of human trafficking is a shame on Canada as many women and men are held as sex slaves.

This is a time for the church to rise up in fervent prayer and through all sorts of outreach confront the evil with the Gospel of mercy, forgiveness and transformation. Thank the Lord that the basis of the Gospel is that He saves ungodly, wicked people. There might have to be public confrontations with the power of evil as in the Acts, certainly some criminals will need deliverance in the Name of Jesus.

Pray for the organized crime groups to become Bible study groups, house churches etc Pray for gang leaders to become mighty evangelists Pray that the number of crime groups would decline year by year Pray that God would empower Law Enforcement to apprehend criminals Pray for the safety of Police officers on the front line in this war Pray for Government to continue to pass effective laws to inhibit organized crime Pray that corruption is purged from our institutions Pray for a revival that would result in the demand for drugs replaced by love of Jesus For whole communities to come under an open Heaven and see the Lord do wonders!

Organized Crime is really awful! Here are the facts in plain detail: FACTS: Here is where it hurts you: FEAR: Many citizens are living in fear of the threat of violence through extortion. TAXES: Taxes are increased to make up for revenue losses from contraband CAR: Higher auto insurance due to car theft BANKS: Higher banking charges to recover from fraud costs SAFETY: Drug related violence, grow-ops near your house etc CARDS: Credit card fraud costs Canada $ 5 billion year ($600 for a family of 4) RCMP: Law enforcement officers on the front line face violence and death

HOW MANY? 900 Organised crime groups in Canada (at least) 400 More than 400 are street gangs 3 Minimum number of people to be called a criminal organization 5 Five years is minimum sentence in prison for organized crime 380 Law enforcement agencies working together against crime

WHO? Italian Mafia Russian Mafia Asian & Latino Street Gangs Biker Gangs - Hell's Angels etc 900 groups!

WHAT CRIMES? Illicit drugs is #1 Illicit firearms Human Trafficking Prostitution Illegal gambling Contraband tobacco Vehicle related crime High-tech crime - identity theft and fraud Theft of Intellectual property rights Financial crime Money laundering Illegal migration Others

WHERE? PORTS: Vancouver, Halifax AIRPORTS: Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto BORDERS: Lower Mainland, Southern Ontario, First Nations reservations. PRAIRIES: Not just a city problem but growing demand in Prairies due to prosperity

FACT:  380 Law Enforcement Agencies in Canada working together: Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Department of Justice Department of Finance Criminal Intelligence Service of Canada (CISC) Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Communications Security Establishment FINTRAC (Canada’s financial intelligence unit) Canada Revenue Agency Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Immigration Canada Provincial and Municipal Police Forces

Pray for these Agencies and for the many people working in them - especially any family members, neighbours and friends that you know.


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