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Canada's Twelve Most Wanted Answers to Prayer - February 2010


MORE THAN GOLD Prayer Mobilization

Metro Vancouver will soon be the focus of  a tidal wave of prayer from the nations of the world as those nations come here for the Winter Games, February 12-28 and March  12-21. Because our God is a prayer hearing and a prayer answering God I am believing that this abundance of prayer will result in breakthroughs for the Church at large and transformation in every area of society.

From the start, the Prayer Working Group of More Than Gold (MTG) saw our goal not so much as to pray for the Olympics but to pray in the purposes of God for the Olympics being in our city. We have prayed for the ongoing work of MTG and the numerous working groups developing the thrusts of witness, service and social justice issues.  Since August 2008 there have been monthly prayer walks around all the Olympic sites in the Whistler and Vancouver areas.  We have prayed for our City, our Nation and the hundreds of thousands who will arrive soon. We have prayed for peace and safety for all and especially for the athletes and their families.  We have prayed against the destructive influence of disease,  organized crime and the evil of sex-trafficking.

We have also networked with and encouraged other exciting prayer initiatives like 'The Cry' in Stanley Park and the 'One Voice' conference.  From January 1st a new nationwide prayer initiative  - 'Unite Canada 2010' - has been mobilizing prayer 24-7, with Vancouver/Whistler as a focus together with Canada's 12 most wanted answers to prayer. This initiative is supported by about 20 national prayer ministries. There is a team in Whistler that has been praying faithfully for months for God to move in that area, please remember them in prayer too.

MTG have been blessed with a pocket sized prayer guide written by Dr. Tom Blackaby. It is a daily devotion and prayer guide that covers the 27 days of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  It is excellent and you will want your own copy, available through MTG.

The Torch Relay will come through Hope into the Lower Mainland on February 7th, on its way to the Opening Ceremony on February 12th. Many have been using this as an opportunity to pray for all the cities that are featured on a day to day basis on the VANOC web site.  'Stand on Guard' have been linking intercessors daily to pray through nationwide phone calls, why not join them while there is time.

On Keats Island, Keats Camp and Barnabas Family Ministries have joined together with the National House Of Prayer in Ottawa to provide a very strategic International Prayer Centre where intercessors can worship and pray continuously during the Olympics and keep up to date in prayer through technology and feedback from the MTG office. Registrations are welcome.

The MTG Creative And Performing Arts group (CAPA) led by Russ and Sandy Rosen will be leading worship and prayer times on many evenings during the Olympics. These will be in a variety of churches in the City.   Please feel welcome to join in and make these special times for the City.

YWAM have a team of about 150 coming from around the world who will serve at the warming station at Broadway and Commercial every day and also form small teams around the City that will offer 'Free Prayer' to passers-by.  These prayer stations are very effective and meet with a high level of acceptance from people.

Cityscape Prayer on February 17-18 are hosting 'THE BURN', 27 hours of non-stop, pure, vertical worship in the midst of the Olympics. This will be at Cariboo Christian Fellowship and will attract a lot of youth and young adults, and the young of heart!

We are glad to report that that has been good contact with the Prayer Working Group leadership in the UK for the 2012 London Olympics and  their prayers are with us.  Let us rejoice and be glad because God is for us!

Please check out these links for more information and participation: 

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