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Mid-Month Notes - March 2004


The following resource is for informed intercession all over North America.  From April 13th to May 5th, the Dalai Lama is visiting North America for a strategic mission to extend the influence of Tibetan Buddhism. He first comes to Pasadena, Los Angeles, to teach, April 13-15, then stays on the west coast in Vancouver, BC, April 17 - 20, visits Canada's capital city, Ottawa/Hull, April 21-24, and then Toronto, April 25 - May 5th. In Toronto he will conduct a ritual called the 'Kalachakra' (see below), which is a most powerful occult ritual to release 722 spirit princes upon the land. This ritual has been performed four times previously in the USA: 1981 Madison, Wisconsin; 1989 Santa Monica, Los Angeles; 1991 Tower One, New York City; 1999 Bloomington, Indiana. Santa Monica and Pasadena are both near Hollywood where many stars and media heads have been influenced.  This is a serious call to prayer with much heart searching for our  own repentance for our own hearts and the state of the church.NORTH AMERICAN PRAYER RESOURCE - APRIL 13 - MAY 5TH


  1. Proclaim Isaiah 34: 8-12 to declare that the Kalachakra event will not take place and that for the DL - 'there will be no kingdom there'! Also declare that for the 722 spirit princes they will be nothing!
  2. Pray for the salvation of the Dalai Lama and for the initiates to have a revelation of the real Time Lord - Jesus Christ.
  3. For the salvation of Tibetan Buddhist people in North America.
  4. For the unity and protection of all those involved in prayer in our cities.
  5. For our own repentance according to 2 Chron 7:14.
  6. Consider joining in with one of the prayer and fasting initiatives.


The Kalachakra tantra ritual is the key initiation rite into tantric or Tibetan Buddhism. In the first phase of the ceremony, the Dalai Lama asks the local spirits for permission to use their home. Because the spirits typically do not want to cooperate initially, the assisting monks use shamanistic prayers, music and dance to subdue them.  After this, the Dalai Lama receives permission to proceed with the ceremony from Tenma, the earth spirit, on behalf of all the local spirits. These spirits are invited to take up residence in the mandala, or spiritual house, which has been built for them. This is an intricate two-dimensional sand drawing that through meditation appears as a 3-D dwelling - a door into the spirit world. The goal of mandala visualization is to enter into and become one with the spirit at the centre of the mandala. The initiate thus yields control of himself to a spirit. The mandala contains a central ruling spirit (Kalachakra) which is surrounded by 4 or 8 more spirits, which are in turn surrounded by others totaling 722.  After the ritual destruction of the mandala at the end of the initiation rite, these spirits, with their prince, Kalachakra, are released over the surrounding territory. The initiation event is completed when the Dalai Lama ritually destroys the mandala after all meditation and initiatory rites have been completed. The spirits are thereby released over the land while the initiates retain the spiritual connection to Kalachakra and his world, having internalized them through meditation. The sand from the mandala is poured into a nearby body of water and the spirits dispersed into the adjacent lands. This has the following spiritual dangers that will be averted through prayer:

Increased resistance to the Gospel Increased territorial power of Buddhism over Canada Reinforcement of anti-Christian sentiment Pastors, congregations and ministries under more spiritual pressure


Many cities across the nation are mobilizing their city wide prayer networks to be fully alert during the same time period.  Some are mounting round the clock "prayer walls", others are making sure that at least one church building is open each day on a rotating basis, so that prayer and worship meetings can be held.

Pasadena  (April 13 - 15)

Pray for the Body of Christ to mobilize to hold up Los Angeles in prayer and for much wisdom for First Nations leaders to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.

Vancouver  (April 17 - 20

Strategic prayer and worship will have the focus on the Lord Jesus. On Monday, April 19th, a worship service is planned in the city to lift high the name of Jesus during the time when the DL is at the Orpheum Theatre. Peace Choirs across the country will be coordinating their simultaneous praises for the DL, so other cities are invited to worship Jesus at that time! Vancouver is proclaiming a 21 day partial (Daniel) fast from April 1-21.

Ottawa  (April 21 - 24)

Please pray for the 'Stand In The Gap' team to finalize their prayer strategy. Other factors: Pressure on the Prime Minister to meet with the DL. It is also possible that Chief Phil Fontaine may welcome the DL on behalf of the Assembly of First Nations.

Toronto  (April 25 - May 5th)

The local team in Toronto have formulated a response with three primary streams, under the title "The House of the King". Please check out the website for many details at 1. 24/12 Worship: Starting a day earlier than the other ceremony, there will be a continuous stream of worship ascending from a central location in Toronto, which will use local and visiting worship teams. 2. Intercessory Prayer will be deployed out of the worship environment, using different types of intercessory prayer, both on location and out in the streets.  Training is ongoing, and there will also be an orientation session at the start of the effort and at different times during the 12 days for those arriving from other parts of the nation and the globe. 3. Outreach Ministry is also being developed to reach out in love to the many followers of the Dalai Lama who will be visiting the city at that time. Training sessions will be happening before and during the event.


1.    Contact     for a CD PowerPoint presentation that gives a greater understanding. 2.    Contact     for more info about Toronto prayer and registration. 3.    Check out 4.    Details of a call to fast for April 1-30: 5.    Useful web site:  (German web site in English and German)

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