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Mid-Month Notes - December 2003

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I recently had the privilege of attending the Aglow International Conference in Indianapolis, the crossroads of America. Aglow International, led by Jane Hansen, is in 156 nations, has 10,000 women in leadership and can mobilize one million women in their Global House of Prayer! As a prayer leader I was so encouraged to see the nations gathering to worship Jesus and to hear from anointed ministries. The Spirit of God moved powerfully in their midst and breathed new life and purpose into the delegates from all over the world. Aglow is undergoing change to adapt to the purposes of God, including reaching out to the women of Islam, and standing in the gap for Israel and the Jewish people as an Esther company - 'for such a time as this'. The Heart For Zion Conference in Bellingham, two weeks ago, was also a sobering and informative time concerning events in the Middle East. We can both pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for Isaiah 19:24-25 to come to pass. 'Blessed be Egypt my people and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel my inheritance.'
Alarm bells have been ringing in a flurry of e-mails from across the world by concerned intercessors. Has Canada gone Muslim? Not quite. Under Ontario's Arbitration Act the provincial courts are now required to uphold agreements negotiated through an arbitrator as long as they are not 'unreasonable' or in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.The newly formed Islamic Institute of Civil Justice will appoint and train arbitrators to resolve civil disputes according to Shariah law for Muslims. Shariah is a complex body of law based on Islamic principles and Muslims should resolve all their commercial and personal disputes according to its tenets. The number of Muslims in Canada more than doubled from 253,300 in 1991 to 579,600 in 2001, representing 2% of the total population. So what is the spiritual significance for Canadian Christians (and Jews)?
This is the latest step in a long struggle to have Islamic law recognized in Canada. We have learnt recently that what is legalized in one province can soon become law in another province. As Muslims increase in a nation so their lifestyle-religion grows in influence through Islamic schools and political influence. Anti-semitism can also grow in intensity as we have recently seen in France with 6 million Muslims. Across North America Jewish students are intimidated in the colleges. Significantly this could also positively affect increased 'Aliyah'. The growing influence of Islam in the UK has led Church leaders there to warn that it is inevitable that Islam will control the UK if God does not intervene. We need to pray and repent as this feels like more judgment upon the Church. We have failed to stop the slaughter of one million babies in the last 10 years in Canada. Islam would not permit abortion, the blood of the innocents cries out. Have mercy Lord!
At the International Conference for Aglow, in Indianapolis, the retiring President for Canada, Zee Jones, was honoured for her 15 years of service to the women of Canada. She has passed the baton to Sheryl Lindberg from Bowmanville, Ontario. For the last five years Sheryl has been the national prayer coordinator for Aglow and now assumes the leadership with a passion for the women of Canada to be walking in victory in Christ. Lift Sheryl and her husband Larry up to the Lord as they adapt to this huge change in their family life.
So help me God! Those were the words with which our new Prime Minister completed the oath of office yesterday (Friday) A few moments earlier they had sung O Canada but also included a traditional Aboriginal Cleansing ceremony! Why was this? Paul Martin needs our prayers. He is 65 years old and no stranger to Canadian government. His father, another Paul Martin, was also a Liberal cabinet minister who served four Prime Ministers. Today, (Saturday), Mr. Martin held his first cabinet meeting. Next week, the new ministers will receive a crash course in the inner workings of government and take seminars with former cabinet minister Brian Tobin and others. The full cabinet is listed below for those who may want to pray over them individually, but real political power also rests with the hidden cabinet - his closest advisors. These are Chief of Staff  - Tim Murphy, and Principal Secretary - Francis Fox, and the Clerk of the Privy Council - Alex Himelfarb. These three need to come under strong intercession for their influence in the nation.

  • Prime Minister:  Paul Martin
  • Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness:  Anne McLellan
  • Minister of Finance:   Ralph Goodale
  • Minister of Health, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister responsible for Official Languages:  Pierre Pettigrew
  • Minister of National Defence:   David Pratt
  • Minister of Transport:   Tony Valeri
  • Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development:   Joe Volpe
  • Minister of International Trade:   Jim Peterson
  • Minister of Industry and Minister responsible for the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec:   Lucienne Robillard
  • Minister of the Environment:   David Anderson
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs:   Bill Graham
  • Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food:   Bob Speller
  • Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of Canada:   Irwin Cotler
  • Minister of Public Works and Government Services:   Stephen Owen
  • Minister of Citizenship and Immigration:   Judy Sgro
  • Minister of National Revenue and Minister of State (Sport):  Stan Keyes
  • Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development:  Andy Mitchell
  • Leader of the Government in the Senate:   Jacob Austin
  • Minister of Labour and Minister responsible for Homelessness:   Claudette Bradshaw
  • President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians, Minister responsible for La Francophonie, and Minister responsible for the Office of Indian Residential Schools Resolution:   Denis Coderre
  • Minister of Western Economic Diversification:   Rey D. Pagtakhan
  • Minister of Veterans Affairs:   John McCallum
  • President of the Treasury Board and Minister responsible for the Canadian Wheat Boards:   Reginald Alcock
  • Minister of Fisheries and Oceans:   Geoff Regan
  • Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister responsible for Democratic Reform:   Jacques Saada
  • Minister of Social Development:   Liza Frulla
  • Minister of Canadian Heritage:   Hélène Chalifour Scherrer
  • Minister of Natural Resources:   John Efford
  • Minister of State (Children and Youth):   Ethel Blondin-Andrew
  • Minister of State (Infrastructure):   Andy Scott
  • Minister of State (New and Emerging Markets):   Gar Knutson
  • Minister of State (Financial Institutions):   Denis Paradis
  • Minister of State (Multiculturalism and Status of Women):   Jean Augustine
  • Minister of State (Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario):   Joe Comuzzi
  • Associate Minister of National Defence and Minister of State (Civil Preparedness):   Albina Guarnieri
  • Minister of Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency:   Joseph McGuire
  • Minister of State (Public Health):   Carolyn Bennett
  • Minister for International Cooperation:   Aileen Carroll
  • Deputy Leader of the Government in the House of Commons  Mauril Bélanger

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